- Main fields

We provide our clients with a full range of intellectual property services in an array of technical fields, such as biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device, electronics, mechanical, computer software, information and communication technology. Sagamihara office primarily focuses on patent applications and patents in fields of biological and chemical sciences such as gene, protein, microorganisms, animals and plants, genome analysis, proteomics, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, plastics, medical device, and organic chemistry industries.

- Continued trust and confidence of foreign clients

The attorneys at ORION I.P. Office have the legal and technical expertise needed to develop and manage global patent portfolios. Some of Orion’s attorneys worked many years at patent offices in the United States and have cultivated an extensive international network of foreign associates, which allows us to quickly and efficiently prepare and prosecute patent applications throughout the world. We assist our foreign clients in every aspect of protecting intellectual property assets.

- Cooperation with universities

We work with universities and research institutions to prepare, file, and prosecute patent applications in Japan and around the world. We also provide advice and counsel in related areas, including preparing patentability and freedom to operate opinions.

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